Are You Sexgry and Don’t Even Know It?


Are you easily irritated?  Do little things become big problems? Are you and your spouse having trouble communicating?  Are you two not getting along?  Are you less satisfied at home?  are you not happy at home or in your relationship?  are you have a hard time getting motivated?  for women, are your periods heavier or longer?



Humans have a need for love, touch, intimacy, and sex – in general.  People in committed relationships have a bigger need for touch, intimacy, and sex than those not in committed relationships, over time they become, rightfully, dependent on the touch of, affection of and from, and sex and sexual activity with their partner because that partner is the sole provider of romantic love and sex and sexual activity.



try giving and getting love, touch, intimacy, sex, and sexual activity and being good, game, and giving everyday, preferably twice a day, for thirty uninterrupted minutes at a time, for a month and see how you, your partner, your home, and your relationship feel at the end of thirty days and then stop, completely, no touching or anything, for at least ten non-period days  – no love or touch or intimacy or sex or sexual activity at all – and see how you and your partner and your relationship feel.


i bet after the thirty days – you, you partner, and your relationship feel good, feel connected, feel intimate, are communicating better, letting the little irritations go, doing little things for each other, being more playful and flirty and affection with each other.

i bet after the following ten days, of non touching or kissing or sex or sensual-sexual activity, you and your partner and your relationship and your home are tense and on edge..  Little things become fights.  You

love, touch, intimacy, sex, and sexual activity are like exercise and eating healthy, you may think you you don’t need them, but you do.  you may not “want” them, but you do need them.  You know they are good for you, but doing them, especially when you are busy or “don’t need them” is tough.  Once you start them and do and get them regularly,  eating healthy and exercising regularly then stop for a prolonged period, you (will) realize how good they are for you and how much you actually do need them.  Watch an episode of fit to fat to fit to see how an ultra in-shape, healthy eating trainer gets out of shape and fat and depressed and toxic when he or she stops eating healthy and stops working out and how much better he or she feels when he/she gets back into shape and eats healthy.  Watch how much better the client, who never ate healthy and never worked out, feels when he or she starts working out daily and eating healthy every day and that becomes just a part of their life that he or she does every day and puts time and effort into – because it makes them feel good, physically and emotionally and mentally and spiritually.



if you are not getting enough and quality love, touch, intimacy, sex, and sexual activity then you could be sexgry.

if you are the “low-drive” partner and don’t feel “desire” or “aroused” often so you don’t do initiate and you say no then you are making yourself sexgry, making your partner sexgry, making your home sexgry, and making your relationship sexgry.


if you have a good sensual sexual affectionate playful erotic committed love life with a partner and stop putting in the time and effort, you and he/she and your home and your relationship will become out of shape, depressed, fat, and maybe even toxic.

if you and your partner have never had a good sensual sexual affectionate playful erotic committed love life then put in the creativity and the time and the effort every day and you will see and feel and reap the benefits.


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