Just A Few Minutes

It doesn’t take much time or effort or even creativity to engage in playing (teasing) with your husband for your and-or his pleasure.  All you need is sassiness, desire, enthusiasm, intention, knowing what you want him to do or what you want to do to him and just  five minutes,  maybe not even,  for example, before  work or when you/he get home or in the middle  of  the evening routine is all it takes.  Here are some ideas for you to use or play off of:  Have him eat your pussy for five minutes.  Have him undress you (bottoms and panties) and make him massage your legs or feet for five minutes without touching your pussy.  Lube his cock and stroke him until he leaks.  Have him dry you off after a shower.  have him soap up and rinse you in the shower.  Have him lotion or oil you after your shower. Have help you get dressed – hold your panties so you can step into them, help you put on stockings (if you wear) etc. Lube his cock and give him a ruined orgasm.  Suck his cock for five minutes.  Spank him for five minutes.  Make him get undressed and put on a pair of your panties and get dressed again. Set a time for five minutes and he must make you orgasm.  Set a time for five minutes and he can be in you for those five minutes.  Make out, deep wet tongue kisses.


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