Marriage is where Sex and Sensuality Should Continue to Get Better, More Various, More Novel, More Often, More Fulfilling

A long time ago there was an episode of Real Sex on HBO.  Real Sex was a HBO series in which an episode featured three short documentary style stories on sex-related companies or things or people teaching about sex etc etc and in between those stories was five minutes or so of interviews of real people randomly found on the streets of a city being asked sex-related questions and, for the most part, answering them honestly.

So, in one episode, in the street interviews, a woman, being interviewed with her friend, said that she was looking forward to getting married so she could stop giving blow jobs.


She was saying that she was fine with giving blow jobs to men who are not or were not committed to her, but marriage.

I wish someone had followed-up with her to see if she ever got married and how the marriage was considering her attitude.

Marriage should not be just about sex only, but sex is vital to a marriage and if a person goes into it limiting what he or she will do and how often then that marriage will, at best struggle.

Does that woman expect her man, her husband, to be happy with never getting a blow job or only getting a pity one every once in a while or only on special occasions like his birthday or anniversary?

Does that woman expect her man, her husband, to go down on her when she’s not willing or wanting to blow him?

Will that woman get upset if her man, her husband, gets a blow job from another woman?

Again, when a man marries a woman, she becomes and is love and sex and lust to him.  He has vowed to forsake all other women and she all other men because they are both supposed to want to and actually show/express that love physically, sexually, sensually and fulfill each other physically, sexually, and sensually.


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