Control/ Role Reversal

I am writing this blog for all married women.

My perspective is that of a man who is in love and lust with a woman who likes thing her ways and has therefore become “submissive” in response.

If you like to be control, want things your way and can’t “let go”, generally, then you are dominant.

if you don’t have strong preferences, like/want to be told what to do, and like/want to serve and please your husband then, generally, you are submissive.

Submissive doesn’t have to passive.  A submissive man can fuck the shit, not literally, out of his woman.  It’s just that he won’t do so unless he’s told to and maybe he won’t cum and will, instead, after fucking her good, eat her pussy.

Dominant doesn’t have to bitchy or bossy or mean.

Two submissives in a relationship is tough.

Two dominants in a relationship is tough.

One of each is better.

Maybe better still are two who like to switch and be either dominant or submissive.

Regardless if you are primarily submissive or dominant and your husband is the opposite, switch every once in a while for a week or two.  It will be uncomfortable at first then it will become fun and it will be erotic, exciting, novel (new).


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