RDA For Orgasms For Women: At Least One Per Day (orgasms are good for hormonal health and hormonal health is key to good health, general and menstrual, for women)

“Orgasms are decidedly good for you [women]. When you climax, a host of feel-good chemicals are released that bring about a sense of euphoria, reduce stress, enhance relaxation and lead to an increased feeling of well-being. These are the same substances linked to the many benefits of meditation, massage and exercise…..
My professional recommendation is a minimum of 1 orgasm a day….. Naturally, you can have as many as you want since there’s no known maximum. The benefits increase as your dose does, so more is definitely better in this case. by Sheri Winston   An Orgasm A Day… Better Health Through Orgasm!
“By having a clitoral orgasm, a large amount of oxytocin is released. This hormone is not at all essential to conceive, but is needed to regulate hormone levels impaired by stress and/or the menstrual cycle. Oxytocin deficiency enhances stress, obesity and psychotic behavior, impairs cognitive functions, and increases breast-cancer risk.” The Medical Need for Orgasms in Women
    “Dr. Gottfried shared that the best way to manage stress is orgasm. OM, in particular, manages cortisol better than most other methods, noting that the main hormones for women, estrogen, cortisol and thyroid, are balanced with OM…..” HORMONAL IMBALANCE? ORGASM IS THE CURE  
        “…..When these hormones are in balance, you feel excellent, are energetic, sleep effectively, and take interest in sex…..”  Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP

3 Have an orgasm.

“…And masturbate actually makes the cramps ease up too, which is even better.” http://www.healthboards.com/boards/sexual-health-women/100276-horny-during-time-month.html
          “Yes, orgasm does relieve period pain, scientifically proven, the contractions that happen during and after climax may cause cause the woman to expel some blood but it won’t make you bleed more so to speak.”
          “You know something else i have noticed… if i masturbate and orgasm several times during my periods… they aren’t quite as long, heavy or painful…. bonus!”
          “Definitely masturbate to relief menstrual cramping…having sex helps also. Having an orgasm causes the uterus to contract and dispose of its contents faster. It also produces a hormone that secretes from your uterine lining to help shed the lining. Makes that time of the month a lot less painful!!!”
           “Taking a vibrator to ur clit will make that unbearable menstrual pain dissipate.”            http://www.topix.com/forum/news/sex/TAHS09E370QOCR0BE/p2
         “It certainly helps me with mine. In order to avoid mess, I use a Hitachi (vibrator) on the outside of my underwear while I’m wearing my pad/tampon, and I have an orgasm through clitoral stimulation only. I get pretty intense orgasms, no mess, and less or no more cramping. Seems like a win-win to me.” http://www.topix.com/forum/news/sex/TAHS09E370QOCR0BE/p3
        “I find it very beneficial to masturbate the day before my period. I find that the bloated feeling is decreased when I wake up and I have zero cramps.” http://www.topix.com/forum/news/sex/TAHS09E370QOCR0BE/p4
1. Orgasms Regulate Menstruation
Orgasms send blood to the organs in the pelvic area (duh) and deliver all the healthy nutrients and floaty bits right where they count. Women who orgasm once a week are more reportedly likely to have a regulated, every-28-day period than those who keep their legs clamped together and their hands to themselves.
3. Orgasms Make you Healthier
Orgasms can spike dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) hormone levels in the body, resulting in all kinds of positive health benefits. DHEA is used to improve memory and brain function and one study(published 20+ years ago, but I’ll roll with it) found it can even lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Plus your skin will glow. (Not in the dark, though.)
4. Orgasms Make you Look Younger
According to a study by David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, frequent orgasms can make you look 10 years younger. (His book, “Secrets of the Superyoung” delves deeper into those results.)
6. Orgasms Help You Detox
The sweeping flow of blood can elicit an overall lymphatic massage, which helps the body’s natural detoxification process and settle tension in the muscles responsible for such important functions as digestion. This also can lead to a general pleasant nature, and who doesn’t enjoy that?
1.      Improves circulation to organs in the pelvic cavity, delivering nutrients, growing healthy tissues, and regulating your menstrual cycle. Women who have intercourse at least once a week are more likely to have normal menstrual cycles than women who are celibate or who have infrequent sex.
2.    Provides overall lymphatic massage, helping your body’s natural detoxification process to improve digestion and mood and help prevent cancer.
3.    Promotes healthy estrogen levels to keep vaginal tissues supple and protect against osteoporosis and heart disease.
4.    Induces deep relaxation by boosting endorphin levels and flushing cortisol (an inflammatory hormone released by the adrenal glands) out of the body.
5.    Spikes DHEA levels in the body. DHEA hormone improves brain function, balances the immune system, helps maintain and repair tissue, and promotes healthy skin.
6.     Helps you look younger—studies show making love three times a week in a stress free relationship can make you look 10 years younger.
7.      Boosts infection-fighting cells up to 20% – helps fight colds and flu!
8.     Increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is linked to passion, intuition, and social skills—the hormone of bonding and success!  TOP 10 HEALTH BENEFITS OF ORGASM FOR WOMEN
“….Women’s happiness/productivity/creativity benefits from having more orgasms….” http://www.jordangrayconsulting.com/2013/10/harness-sexual-energy-greater-clarity-contentment/
2) Orgasms will save your marriage. What is the main difference between your intimate relationship and all of your other relationships? The fact that you are having sex with that person. Sex is the glue. Prioritize it and give it the attention it deserves. It will give back. Multiple times.
3) Anti-aging. People having more sex knock years off their lifespan. Dr. Oz touts a 200 orgasms a year guideline to remove six physiological years off of your life. If I recommend five times that, am I on my way to immortality?
4) You’ll unleash your creative genius. Sexual energy is creative energy. Revving it up is a powerful way to summon the muse.
5) It’s good for you heart. Three or more orgasms a week reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by half and lower your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Your emotional heart will benefit too: Sex strengthens your bond with your partner. The oxytocin released at orgasm promotes bonding, deepening your sense of connection with each other.
6) Boosts your immune system. Feel a chill or the tickling of a sore throat? Quick—run and have an orgasm! A Wilkes University study showed that people having sex once or twice a week had a 30% increase in immunoglobulin A, which strengthens immunity.
7) Orgasm recalibrates you. It brings you back to yourself. The French term “la petite mort” or “the little death” alludes to the idea of death and rebirth through sexual climax. We all need a place to come undone. When you have this, you return to your daily life feeling rejuvenated and stronger.
8) Pain relief. When you have a headache, don’t avoid sex. Have it. The endorphin release can relieve up to 70% of your pain symptoms. Headaches and menstrual cramps will be greatly reduced.
9) Sexercise. Yes, a vigorous session will burn calories. How much depends on how vigorous. It’s like comparing a gentle Hatha class to a rockin’ Vinyasa flow. Beyond that, sex and orgasm strengthen little-used internal core muscles that keep you all sorts of supple.   10 Reasons to Up Your Orgasm Quotient
 6 (Other) Great Things Sex Can Do For You including decreased neuroticism
Sexual activity and orgasm during menstruation has a potentially protective effect against endometriosis….Sexual satisfaction is also associated with the stability of relationships. Consistent mutual sexual pleasure increases bonding within a relationship. It has also been demonstrated that coupled partners have increased relationship satisfaction when they fulfill one another’s sexual desires. A study of young married women found that those who reported masturbating also reported greater marital satisfaction. 
“Cuddling, holding, and sexual play releases chemicals, like oxytocin, in the brain that create a sense of well-being and happiness,” says Dr. Renee Horowitz, an ob-gyn who recently opened the Center for Sexual Wellness in Farmington Hills, Michigan  

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