HJs – position variety

When given with teasing, build-up, enthusiasm, playfulness, variety, dirty talk, kissing, and lube – HJs are awesome.  Great for when you can’t (period or uti or yi etc) or don’t want to have sex.  Can be done to completion or used as part of tease-denial-edging.  Can be done to give a ruined orgasm or multiple ruined orgasms.

Position Variety – you kneel to his side, you stand, you lie next to him, you on top of him with your breasts hanging temptingly in front of his face, you on top of him with your ass and pussy temptingly in his face, he kneels, he sits, he stands, on his side, him on all fours (submissive position for him), you give from behind him so you can kiss his neck and ears and-or rub his body and-or play with his nipples and he can he feel your breasts against his back aka the reach around which you can do while he’s standing or kneeling or all on fours


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