Answer 1 to: “It’s Only Or All Sex With Him” “I’m just a piece of meat”

There are 168 hours in a week.

Let’s say you and your husband are an average couple and have sex 2x a week.  And let’s say it’s for 30 minutes total – including foreplay.  And outside of that 30 minutes at night right before bed, there is little or nothing sexual or sensual or erotic between you and your husband.

That ONE (1 ) hour out of 168 hours. That is .005% of the hours in a week, of your hours in  a week, spent having “sex” with your husband.

Compare it to what else you do and how much time you spend doing it:

Talking with your husband, even if it’s just trivial or logistical, one hour a day or seven hours a week or 7x more than you have “sex” with him.

Sleep 7 hours a night on average?  49 hours a week.  50x more than you have “sex” with your husband.

One hour round-trip commute per day for work?  5x more than you have “sex” with your husband.

One hour everyday getting ready (shower, hair, make-up, getting dressed etc) for the day ahead?  7x more than you have “sex” with your husband.

TV/ Phone/ Internet – 1.5 hours per day, to be really really nice and conservative or 10.5 hours per week or 10.5x more than your have “sex” with your husband.

Other items which take more of your attention, time, energy, thought as well time:  working out, shopping (for the house/family), shopping,

Emotional connection with you for your husband is made physically and sexually.

You get 7hours of Talking which is the Connection you want and need with and from your husband.  You get 7x more of the type Connection you want and need than the type of Connection your husband wants and needs.

Rightly or wrongly, people tend to focus on what they don’t get or what they are deprived of.  If sex and sexuality and sensuality and foreplay and eroticism are confined to, say, 30 minutes twice a week then your husband is going to focus on what he is not getting:  you, your time and attention and sex and excitement and playfulness and sensuality and connection.


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