What is Denial?

(adapted from an e-mail I sent to my beloved Princess)


Babe, you are my favorite meal, snack, appetizer, and dessert.  I love kissing you, licking you, and eating your pussy and winky, pussy in particular, as often (prefer daily) as you allow (prefer command), morning before work or at night or as an afternoon delight, and in as many ways/positions as possible.


Yes, most definitely yes, i love making love to, having sex with, fucking, being fucked by you (traditional or strap-on) , and-or cuddling/spooning you (preferably both of us naked or you can just command me to be naked) –  I am hooked on and addicted to you and your body/pussy and I don’t ever want to get clean, I just want to score you all the time.


I don’t like the word “denied” or “denial”- being allowed to and-or commanded to eat your pussy is not denial, it’s pleasure.


Kissing you, touching you, and giving you pleasure is not denial – it’s pleasure.


Being touched, kissed, aroused by, groped by you, handled by you, licked or sucked, used by you is not denial – it’s pleasure.


Not getting to cum every or every other (etc) sensual-sexual-erotic encounter or interlude is not denial, it’s build-up until i do (when delaying,  verbally tease and excite me, tell me that maybe you’ll let me or make me or command me to cum in, say, two days, if i am, for example, a good boy), it’s erotic, it’s sensual, it can/should be playful, and heightens my sensitivity to your exquisite touch.


T&D is not actually denial.  Being touched or fondled or kissed or licked or sucked or used for your pleasure by you is not denial.


Denial is not getting to be intimate-sensual-sexual-erotic-playful – wide definition – with you.


Denial is not getting to give you erotic-sensual-sexual-intimate-playful – wide definition – pleasure.


Denial is not getting erotic-sensual-sexual-intimate-playful-teasing pleasure – wide definition – from you.


Denial is not being touched (wide definition) or kissed by you.


Denial is not getting to kiss you or touch (wide definition) you.


Denial is not having playtime with you.


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