Commitment vs Interested

If you are interested then you’ll only do what’s convenient.  If you are committed then you’ll do what it takes.

This is a variation on the quote from Ken Blanchard.

And it applies to all aspects of your relationship with your husband.  And, yes, that includes sex and sexuality and sensuality and eroticism and play and affection.

And, yes, it also applies to T&D, Edging and Ruining.

The teasing and playing and pleasing (actually, get pleased and pleasured as much is not more than doing the pleasing) is a daily (or more) requirement of T&D.  And it doesn’t take much, five minutes here or there.  One quick example, otherwise this post will get off topic:  first thing in the morning, get naked or bottomless (if you don’t sleep that way which you should – for many reasons including it’s a turn on to you and a turn-on/ tease to your husband), then climb on top of your husband, wake him with some neck kisses, then turn around and make him/let him/make him ask you to lick your pussy to an orgasm while you play with his cock through his underwear (if he wears any) and when you are done cumming, kiss him, tell he was such a good boy that maybe later he’ll get some more and then get up and out of bed.


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