Just/ Always Remember


“A Man’s greatest motivating force is his desire to please his Woman.”
Napoleon Hill
So if you want something or want something that he hasn’t already provided or given or gotten for you or done for you then just express it in a direct way, playful and nice, and he will get it for you, get it done for you, or at least put it on his mental to-do list and eventually it will appear or happen as soon as he is able to make it appear or happen.
Be my hero and …..
Be my good boy and …..
I’d love it if …….
It would please me so much if …..
Don’t nag or constantly remind.  He won’t want to do it for you or get it for you, he still might, but it won’t be done as quickly or as enthusiastically.  And, if you think about it, it’s no fun for you and chills the atmosphere between you and your husband when you “nag” or constantly remind him.
Don’t forget to praise him and show appreciation in ways he likes and which motivate him.

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