It’s Not Just

It’s not just the number of times per week you have sex.  It’s not just how long you have sex each time.  It’s not just who initiated.  It’s not just what time of day sex occurred.  It’s not just the positions.  It’s not just the build-up and anticipation.  It’s not just the foreplay before the foreplay.  It’s not just the afterplay.  It’s not just the one minute here or there. It’s not just the kissing or hugging or making out or spooning.  It’s not just variety or exploration.  It’s not just passion and compassion.  It’s not just connection and bonding and intimacy.  It’s not just about seduction. It’s not just physical or mental or emotional. It’s not just expression of love and desire.  It’s not just having fun and playing with each other. It’s not just spontaneous or planned.  It’s not just a quickie or an elaborate, long evening of sensual erotic pleasure.  It’s not just in the bedroom.  It’s not just at night or in the morning or the afternoon.  It’s not just a weekend thing or a vacation thing. It’s not just attitude. It’s all those things and more.


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