Erotic Sensual Fun When You Have Your Period


You can have vaginal sex when you have period – to avoid the “mess” use a menstrual cup or have sex in the shower.

But if you or your husband don’t want to have vaginal sex when you have your period, it doesn’t that there aren’t pleasures you can receive, give, or share with your husband.

Period week is an opportunity to explore and enjoy

Strapon sex.

Anal Sex (receiving)

Double-headed dildo.

Role reversal/ cross dressing and dressing him up.

Tease and Denial and Edging.  If  vaginal sex while on your period isn’t your thing then while you have your period, your husband isn’t allowed to cum, but you can tease and edge him.  HJ and-or BJs but not to completion.

Make out sessions.

Lots of kissing.  (good for your mental and marital health and satisfaction)

Make him your pampering sensual slave – make him wear a thong or wear whatever while giving you a foot massage or a head massage or a neck/shoulder massage or a full body massage.  Have him bathe you and-or wash your hair.  He can put nail polish on your toes.

Masturbate – use a wand against your clit.  Orgasms are a great way to balance your hormones and to relieve stress.

Masturbate in front of him.

Have him use the wand on you.

Use the wand on him especially on his dick’s frenulum.

Dry hump – grind your pussy against him while wearing your panties.


Spank your husband

Get spanked

Frottage – penis in between parts of your body.  Between your breasts.  Between your butt cheeks.  Between your (closed, oily or wet) thighs.


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