More Orgasms for Women and More Erections for Men

Orgasms are decidedly good for you [women]. When you climax, a host of feel-good chemicals are released that bring about a sense of euphoria, reduce stress, enhance relaxation and lead to an increased feeling of well-being. These are the same substances linked to the many benefits of meditation, massage and exercise….. by Sheri Winston
“Dr. Gottfried shared that the best way to manage stress is orgasm…..    
see below for more ways that Orgasms are good for you.
For Both
Women benefit from the amount of orgasms they have, the more the merrier
whereas an emerging area of research suggests that 
Men should engage in PLENTY OF SEX [wide definition] while saving their ejaculations ….. 
Apparently though, men perform better in other areas of their life (business, creativity, productivity, sport and physical performance) when they have fewer ejaculations. 
The opposite is true for women. Some evidence reveals that female orgasm unlocks an altered state of consciousness. Fascinating!”
    “Clearly, the Lord created women to have frequent heterosexual relations. Sporadic or irregular sex is actually detrimental to a woman’s health, while regular intercourse has great benefits. God’s “rules” for sex create the perfect situation for keeping a woman’s body strong and healthy.
For Men
In a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, eight men had their blood levels of testosterone measured before, during, and after they viewed a pornographic film. Their levels were highest an hour to 90 minutes after the film ended, with an average 35 percent gain in T. So to build up more testosterone, have more erections.”
For Women
Orgasms are decidedly good for you [women]. When you climax, a host of feel-good chemicals are released that bring about a sense of euphoria, reduce stress, enhance relaxation and lead to an increased feeling of well-being. These are the same substances linked to the many benefits of meditation, massage and exercise…..
My professional recommendation is a minimum of 1 orgasm a day….. Naturally, you can have as many as you want since there’s no known maximum. The benefits increase as your dose does, so more is definitely better in this case. by Sheri Winston
Mainly For Women
“Like Vitamin C, Orgasm is a nutrient that has been missing from the standard human diet for centuries. It relieves that feeling of “something is missing” and replaces it with a sense of fullness where Desire becomes your compass”
For Men

            #3) Men are capable of being just as multi-orgasmic as any woman, but not if they ejaculate! As we all know, men generally roll over and fall asleep after their first ejaculation, with a few rare men being able to rally for a second or third round. But with the correct application of semen retention methods, men can have full, whole -body, multiple orgasms, with each one rolling continuously into the next. (Keep in mind that orgasm & ejaculation are actually 2 separate functions of the nervous system.) Some of these orgasms can last for several minutes (We recently filmed Authentic Tantra™ Educator, Jacques Drouin having a 2:33 minute orgasm!)

             #4) Physical Vitality- It is a well known fact that high performance athletes are discouraged from sexual activity the night or morning before a big game. This is due to the noticeable sensation of physical depletion that usually follows an ejaculatory orgasm. This may be due to the high concentration of vital essences found in semen.   
An ounce of semen is considered to be equal in value to sixty ounces of blood, of which it constitutes an extract of some of its most valuable of constituents.” In Tibetan medicine, it is said that “seven drops of the vital essence of food are required to produce one drop of the vital essence of blood. And it takes one cup of the vital essence of blood to produce one drop of the vital essence of semen.” By this measure, semen is literally more precious than blood!
#5) Mental Clarity- Dr. Raymond W. Bernard MD recently stated in the article ‘Science Discovers the Physiological Value of Continence’“Semen contains substances of high physiological value, especially in relation to the nutrition of the brain and nervous system.”
This same article states “There is a remarkable similarity of chemical composition between the semen and the central nervous system, both being especially rich in lecithin, cholesterin and phosphorus compounds, which would indicate that seminal emissions withdraw from the body substances necessary for the nutrition of nervous tissues.”
Ancient Taoists have proclaimed the benefits of semen retention for male health & longevity for centuries. Taoist Sexual Master Mantak Chia has stated that when men retain their semen during sexual activity, their brain energy increases 2x’s!
All of this being said, it is important for men to ejaculate sometimes…”
 For Women
1. Orgasms Regulate Menstruation
Orgasms send blood to the organs in the pelvic area (duh) and deliver all the healthy nutrients and floaty bits right where they count. Women who orgasm once a week are more reportedly likely to have a regulated, every-28-day period than those who keep their legs clamped together and their hands to themselves.
3. Orgasms Make you Healthier
Orgasms can spike dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) hormone levels in the body, resulting in all kinds of positive health benefits. DHEA is used to improve memory and brain function and one study(published 20+ years ago, but I’ll roll with it) found it can even lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Plus your skin will glow. (Not in the dark, though.)
4. Orgasms Make you Look Younger
According to a study by David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, frequent orgasms can make you look 10 years younger. (His book, “Secrets of the Superyoung” delves deeper into those results.)
6. Orgasms Help You Detox
The sweeping flow of blood can elicit an overall lymphatic massage, which helps the body’s natural detoxification process and settle tension in the muscles responsible for such important functions as digestion. This also can lead to a general pleasant nature, and who doesn’t enjoy that?
For Men
In fact, withholding ejaculation heightens and amplifies sexual pleasure beyond anything that the chronically ejaculating man gets to experience in sex…..
A genital release for a man is a negative phenomenon. Unlike women, when a man comes he simply loses life-force energy. This loss of vital energy is reflected in the loss of his erection, the loss of sexual desire, and even the temporary loss of interest in his partner. We’ve all heard how women hate it when men roll over and go to sleep as soon as they are finished having sex, but few people ever mention that the loss of energy from male ejaculation is the culprit. If you think about it, men only experience sexual pleasure until they ejaculate. Thereafter, they enter a less than thrilling refractory phase when even the penis does not take kindly to erotic stimulation.
For Women
  1.  Improves circulation to organs in the pelvic cavity, delivering nutrients, growing healthy tissues, and regulating your menstrual cycle. Women who have intercourse at least once a week are more likely to have normal menstrual cycles than women who are celibate or who have infrequent sex.
2.    Provides overall lymphatic massage, helping your body’s natural detoxification process to improve digestion and mood and help prevent cancer.
3.    Promotes healthy estrogen levels to keep vaginal tissues supple and protect against osteoporosis and heart disease.
4.    Induces deep relaxation by boosting endorphin levels and flushing cortisol (an inflammatory hormone released by the adrenal glands) out of the body.
5.    Spikes DHEA levels in the body. DHEA hormone improves brain function, balances the immune system, helps maintain and repair tissue, and promotes healthy skin.
6.     Helps you look younger—studies show making love three times a week in a stress free relationship can make you look 10 years younger.
7.      Boosts infection-fighting cells up to 20% – helps fight colds and flu!
8.     Increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is linked to passion, intuition, and social skills—the hormone of bonding and success!
 For Men, But Also for Both
As another side benefit, the more sexual energy you [man] have to utilize in your sex life, the more you will want to make your partner achieve orgasm. The more you make them orgasm, the more testosterone spikes you get. The awesomeness just never ends...studies have shown that men benefit from having fewer orgasms, while women’s happiness/productivity/creativity benefits from having more orgasms.
 For Men
” Your sexual energy is the greatest and most potent form of energy available to you.
You can either squander it or utilize it to its fullest potential and let it supercharge your life.
Anecdotal evidence and emerging studies suggest that having fewer orgasms could make you into a more productive, driven, and loving man.
You know that movie Limitless? The main character has access to a magical drug that makes him better on every level… If there was ever something comparable in real life, harnessing your sexual energy would be it…..
The benefits of refraining from frequent ejaculation that have been proven scientifically – more energy, better concentration, interacting with potential mates more easily, greater gains from workouts, stronger erections, and more optimism.
The benefits that I have seen and felt personally – greater focus, massively increased productivity, greater appreciation for “real” women (aka not porn), more sexually polarized intercourse with my partner, and greater depth, connectedness, and love for the woman in my life.
To put it bluntly, you feel like Superman (or at least the best and most masculine version of yourself that you have ever been)….
 For Women
2) Orgasms will save your marriageWhat is the main difference between your intimate relationship and all of your other relationships? The fact that you are having sex with that person. Sex is the glue. Prioritize it and give it the attention it deserves. It will give back. Multiple times.
3) Anti-aging. People having more sex knock years off their lifespan. Dr. Oz touts a 200 orgasms a year guideline to remove six physiological years off of your life. If I recommend five times that, am I on my way to immortality?
4) You’ll unleash your creative genius. Sexual energy is creative energy. Revving it up is a powerful way to summon the muse.
5) It’s good for you heart. Three or more orgasms a week reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by half and lower your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Your emotional heart will benefit too: Sex strengthens your bond with your partner. The oxytocin released at orgasm promotes bonding, deepening your sense of connection with each other.
6) Boosts your immune systemFeel a chill or the tickling of a sore throat? Quick—run and have an orgasm! A Wilkes University study showed that people having sex once or twice a week had a 30% increase in immunoglobulin A, which strengthens immunity.
7) Orgasm recalibrates you. It brings you back to yourself. The French term “la petite mort” or “the little death” alludes to the idea of death and rebirth through sexual climax. We all need a place to come undone. When you have this, you return to your daily life feeling rejuvenated and stronger.
8) Pain relief. When you have a headache, don’t avoid sex. Have it. The endorphin release can relieve up to 70% of your pain symptoms. Headaches and menstrual cramps will be greatly reduced.
9) Sexercise. Yes, a vigorous session will burn calories. How much depends on how vigorous. It’s like comparing a gentle Hatha class to a rockin’ Vinyasa flow. Beyond that, sex and orgasm strengthen little-used internal core muscles that keep you all sorts of supple.
For Women
  Women who had sex two or more times a week had the most regular cycles……
    The more regular the woman’s cycle, the better her overall health. 
    The benefits of the hormonal changes in those having intercourse at least twice a week include
better fertility, 
stronger bones, 
better cardiovascular health, 
less depression, 
lower incidence of fibrocystic breast disease and uterine cancer...”  
Many Taoist practitioners link the loss of ejaculatory fluids to the loss of vital life force: where excessive fluid loss results in premature aging, disease, and general fatigue.
“…This brings us back to the original question, and the entire point of erotic teasing and denial, which is that the excitement of the T&D relationship is based upon the unpredictability of the orgasm, and the increased desire and efforts the teased puts forth to achieve the unpredictable.
As a final result of T&D, the teased is spending more time and attention on the teaser because the teaser is spending more time and attention on the teased.  As you can see, both lovers are spending more time and attention on each other, which builds a closer, stronger relationship.  This is the ultimate benefit of teasing and denial.
Yes, he wants you to deny [delay] him…..”    onlyshecums dot
“Dr. Gottfried shared that the best way to manage stress is orgasm. OM, in particular, manages cortisol better than most other methods, noting that the main hormones for women, estrogen, cortisol and thyroid, are balanced with OM.
Dr. Gottfried noted that we age because our hormones decline — our hormones don’t decline because we age. 
OM balances women’s hormones by raising oxytocin, and balances men’s by raising testosterone. OM resolves cortisol problems and the thyroid becomes more efficient. The highest levels of oxytocin correspond with the lowest incidence of PTSD. The serotonin and oxytocin systems are synchronized with OM. 
Dr. Gottfried stated that OM is the best hormone therapy you can have. 
OM builds intimacy, connection and relationships, optimizing our life experience.

“OM stands for Orgasmic Meditation. It’s a practice (think of yoga, running, violin, etc) that is a gateway to more vitality, connection and turn on. It’s deliberate and structured with repeatable results. It’s a meditation, equally powerful for both partners — only the object of focus is the clitoris. OM is a source of power — a well from which to draw energy. It’s profound, yet simple and you can have it whether you’re single or coupled.”
Once you get to the core of a gal’s essence, your diligence never can quite let them forget it.. or was this your wicked plan all along..? Love this, TJ.. so much. ~ Eros
“Great sex on a regular basis can, in fact, relieve or eliminate stress and anxiety. Sexually active adults are generally less stressed, calmer, and happier. Why? Sex causes a release of oxytocin and endorphins, similar to those released during exercise. The release of these chemicals helps bring about a sense of calmness and clarity”    Article Source:
“At the moment, we can simply say that a sexually satisfying and happy marriage is a very good predictor of future health and long life.”
“Not only have Jenny and Will found a wonderful blend of eroticism and intimacy, they have recognized they can do a lot of sexy things besides having his penis enter her vagina.”  from Secrets Of Happily Married Women
    “Clearly, the Lord created women to have frequent heterosexual relations. Sporadic or irregular sex is actually detrimental to a woman’s health, while regular intercourse has great benefits. God’s “rules” for sex create the perfect situation for keeping a woman’s body strong and healthy.
 Mainly For Women
If you’re tossing and turning late at the night, here’s a fun way to help you clock more Zzz’s: One in six women reports sleeping better after sex, reports the Daily Mail, which cited a survey from the body care brand Sanctuary Spa.
There’s science to back it up, too: It all has to do with hormone production during intercourse, says Saralyn Mark, M.D., associate professor of medicine and OB/GYN at the Yale School of Medicine. See, sex boosts the production of oxytocin (which helps you and your S.O. bond) and decreases the production of cortisol (which induces stress). These hormonal changes leave your body in a relaxed state, making it easier for you to fall asleep. Not only that, but estrogen levels also increase, which can enhance a woman’s REM cycle for a deeper sleep, according to a previous study review published in the Journal of Women’s Health.
Your period will thank you. Researchers at Columbia and Stanford Universities found that women who had sex at least once a week had more regular cycles.
You’ll look younger. One study found that people who reported having sex four times a week looked about 10 years younger than they were. Hey, even if it doesn’t work, you’ll have a blast testing out this theory.
6. Keep skin supple and younger.  Sweating while having sex cleanse the skin pores, making the skin brighter and decreasing the risk of developing dermatitis.
8. Sex strengthen muscles. Bed fitness sessions clearly improve muscles of your pelvis, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, chest and arms.
12. Kissing stimulates salivation, which cleanses food left between the teeth and lowers the acidity in the mouth, the main cause of the tooth decay and bad breath.
13. Sex fights off allergies. A good sex session can be a good remedy against stiff nose, being a natural antihistamine that helps combating asthma and high fever.
14. Regular sex balances the ratio good cholesterol: bad cholesterol.
“by having a clitoral orgasm, much more oxytocin is secreted. And these higher oxytocin levels are essential to reset the body. Like you need a compass sailing at open sea ; every once and a while you have to check the compass, and adjust your course. Without orgasms, your ship may sail way off course, causing a bacterial infection, a physically caused lack of interest, obesity, nervous breakdowns, psychotic behavior or even breast cancer.”
“Clitoral orgasms serve physical health, and pleasure, and are obtained through specific clitoric stimulus. Orgasms enhanced by intense sexual fantasies and a capable and compatible partner, increase oxytocin release the most….”
1.      They can curb your appetite
One benefit of orgasms is that they stimulate the release of oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone. This surge also raises levels of a substance called CCK, which helps control your appetite.
5. They can beat inflammation and improve your social life
Most of us know that a healthy sex life can help beat stress. There are even more great benefits of oxytocin such as lowering blood pressure and even improving digestion — which often goes to the wayside during times of stress. It’s true, they’ve found oxytocin receptors in the gut, showing this powerful hormone can even calm gastrointestinal inflammation, which causes abdominal discomfort.  
A study from Concordia also shows that oxytocin makes you feel more social, enhances your trust and improves your bond with others.
“Women benefit from the amount of orgasms they have, the more the merrier…. Some evidence reveals that female orgasm unlocks an altered state of consciousness. Fascinating!”
MORE INFO ON BENEFITS OF GOOD, FREQUENT SEX: including decreased neuroticism

BENEFITS OF SEX list besides fun, excitement
     *Increased marital satisfaction, more passion/desire, 
    *More passion/desire for each other, 
    *Helps incontinence (bladder control/ leakage), 
    *Migraine-headache relief (maybe prevention)/ natural pain killer, 
    *Beauty Regimen: Helps make skin glow, keeps skin young and healthy/ clearer skin (less acne and fewer blemishes), helps keep skin moisturized/ hydrated (through better circulation),  eliminates or prevent wrinkles, healthier hair, strengthens nails, *Whiter & healthier teeth (semen/bjs),
    *Helps cure common cold*/ boosts immune system,  
    *Increased energy/ better sleep, 
    *Improves (physical/mental) flexibility, 
    *Improves mental and emotional health:  improves mood/ increases happiness/ boosts confidence/ stress & depression & anxiety relief/ increases self-esteem/ less neuroticism
    *Increases longevity, 
    *Increases intimacy, 
    *Weight loss/ improved cardiovascular health/ lower body toning/ improved posture  
    *Cuts risk of cancer, 
    *Decreases sexual dysfunction

    Health Benefits just FOR YOU (women):   cuts risk of breast cancer,   helps with out-of-control periodsincreases estrogen and testosterone [women need both], helps keep the vagina healthy and young,


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