Mama Gena quotes

“To have a kick-ass romantic adventure with another human being, the couple has to worship pussy more than money.”

“The higher her Pussy I.Q., the higher her relationship I.Q.  Because a Sister Goddess is not a victim of her marriage, but the badass of her marriage, and it is important for her to be the badass of her sensuality, too.”

“A man wants and needs a woman who is willing to excite him.  If you’re not willing to do so, then perhaps you’re not ready to be in a whole and healthy relationship.”

“The delicious feeling of desire is something that women bring to the relationship, something we are capable of creating.  Your husband cannot supply the juice.  You are his supplier.

“As a married woman, your potential for world-class fun, lust, love, intimacy, friendship, and exploration has never been greater.”

“My Extended Sister-Goddess married community is all participating, to one degree or another, Fantastically freshly renovated marriages based on their [women’s] fulfillment and pleasure. These gals are having a kick-ass time with their men.  They brag to each other about their great sex. And they include their husbands in every aspect of their journey toward fulfillment. Their husbands are thrilled and proud of their ability to add to their wives’ happiness and they all love the great ass they get on a regular basis.”


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